Thursday, June 16, 2005

Off to Wildwood...

Well folks it's about time to sign off the internet at least until Monday. Tonight I get to go home and pack. Then it's off to the airport to pick up John and Nick. We'll be meeting up with Mark later on this evening, presumably at Scott's house. Not sure what the plan is tonight or if there really is an exact plan at this time. Tomorrow I am getting my haircut, we will pick up the rental, then it's off to Wildwood for a weekend of Drum Corps!

The corps usually comes out of nowhere at the first show, and hopefully after last weeks bugs and issues in the show we will follow the path of the last 4 years that I have been here. Looking back to last weekends dress run through, though it had it's issues, it did feel better then our run through for Wildwood the day of the show last year. We will see which drum corps we get in practice tomorrow. I think people are hungry enough now for this first competition, but it is PUT UP OR SHUT UP TIME!

Before and after the show we will catch up with some friends while in Wildwood including the Caballero folks that we hung out with last week! We are staying very close to a lot of them this weekend. Everyone knows about our big party on Saturday night, and if it is anything like last years party it will once again be of EPIC porportions! Last year we had an absolute blast, this year we expect it to be even more fun and even more off the hook! Look out Wildwood, the Baltimore boys are coming!

Attention Fran Harring...This is your official invitation to come to our condo and have a cool frosty beverage on the Baltimore Crea...we know your out there Fran...if you don't come and find us, we will most certainly come and find can run but you can't hide...the Baltimore Crew is coming...hide the sheep...err I mean women and children!

All other Brigadiers types and folks from other corps reading this travel safe. ETA in Wildwood is around lunch time tomorrow!

Hasta la buh bye!

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