Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's Tuesday Morning...

Mmmmmmmm Doughnut......*munch munch munch* Breakfast of Champions I tell ya!

So this morning I realized that in the last 2 months I have had one cup of coffee, and that was on Sunday morning because the energy drink I bought was awful. Now I don't know the exact taste of licking a dead elephants ass, but if I had to guess, the energy drink I bought Sunday morning would be it. So I had to "settle" for Starbucks! Speaking of Starbucks you should see the look you get when you order a regular coffee (((confusion))) See when I want coffee I don't need the triple mocha latee with the vanilla shot, shaken not sitrred with a hint of peppermint blah blah blah...there is just too much on the menu at a coffee shop anymore...I was raised on regular good old coffee thank you, not foo foo coffee!

It was over 80 degrees at 7:30 this morning! Needless to say I am glad I work inside in the A/C. Now the people in my little block in the office like to turn our A/C on a little known temperature known as "arctic deep freeze." You just keep taking the temperature down past the numbers to "cold day in hell" then "winter in Alaska" next comes "North Pole" then "Antartica" go past "next ice age" and you come to "artic deep freeze." It's 100 degrees out and I am wearing a parka! That is some serious A/C folks! Now the block fo people next to us, they go the opposite. Their thermostat no matter what the weather is sent to "Sahara." Their temperature affects out thermostat. That causes our snow machine to remain on all day. Brrrrrrr

Uploaded a few pictures to the moblog also from the weekend. Nothing from rehearsal or anything, just pictures of the trip. And aside from all of that today is pretty much going to be one of those routine boring days that just gets you through to the next one.

Go read Christine's Blog! This is my incredibly beautiful & amazing girlfriend's blog! I know you are reading this baby, and I love you!

Have a good day everyone...


Dawn Marie said...

"I don't know the exact taste of licking a dead elephants ass, but if I had to guess"


<< *becka* >> said...

hmmmm....try working at taco bell.
with broken AC.
at the steam table.
it's 97 degrees in the back of the store where we prepare the food.
on a good day, dammit!
;) see you this weekend.