Monday, June 27, 2005

A Normal Weekend...

Well another off weekend in the books. There really was not too much to speak of that is particularly exciting, and there is definitely not a thing drum corps related to even one single minute of this weekend even though I was hanging out with Scott & Mark, two of my best friends that have marched with me at corps for years. That being said here’s a recap of the weekend.

We went to the Woodlands to play some golf. The Woodlands is a very difficult golf course complete with narrow fairways, extremely fast greens, difficult rough, deep bunkers, and about a million different ways to get your ball into trouble. This course is of professional caliber and quality. Everything about the place is immaculate. My game was fairly good in all areas except for off the tee. I hit some outrageous and unbelievable recovery shots. I chipped and putted very well too. My score was awful though. More reflective of the amount of penalty strokes I had to take. I would venture to say I picked up at least 15 strokes via penalty out there. I need to work more on getting off the tee.

Friday Night:
We cleaned up the porch. Scott has a porch on his house with all kinds of family stuff and junk on it that hasn’t been cleaned in years. We worked on this most of Friday night. You would be surprised at the amount of stuff we cleaned out of there. Afterward we ordered some pizza and Mark and I worked on building the ultimate firework! We bought fireworks last year from a place in PA. We found a bunch of them while cleaning the porch and decided to rig up a mega firework. It is still currently in the design phase, but by the time we are done we may need clearance from NASA and the FAA to fire it off!

More porch and yard cleaning at Scott’s place. His family is like my 2nd family and I am always there to help them out when they take up these major projects. The day started early with his sisters waking us up very obnoxiously at 7 am. They didn’t realize we had done the porch the night before and wanted to get started very early. So we worked mainly out in the yard cleaning up lots of stuff. Scott and mark left early to go do a gig with their band. I ate some lunch, took a nap, made golf reservations for Sunday, cleaned my clubs for Sunday, floated around the pool for a while, and basically just took it easy for a day.

Saturday Night:
Ordered the Mayweather-Gatti fight on pay per view. I ate almost a whole bag of corn chips with salsa and some spicy cheese. Once I got started I just couldn’t stop. The fights on the under cards weren’t very interesting. The main event wasn’t much of a fight either. Mayweather put on a clinic on how to whoop Gatti’s ass. It was a textbook beating. Connecting on 63% of his punch and most of those were to Gatti’s head. The punches landed per round were like 40+ for Mayweather to Gatti’s 5 or 6. It was very one sided, but also very impressive to say the least.

We got a very early start for a 6:30 tee time at Compass Pointe. This course is also very difficult. It has all of the same challenges as the Woodlands except the course plays longer and faster. The greens are impossible to hold unless you are a PGA tour pro. You have to hit extremely high shots into these greens. I hit the ball extremely high and was having trouble holding them myself. Struggles off the tee continued, but the rest of my game was immaculate. Just one day I would like to put a complete round together and avoid all of these stupid penalty strokes. Those things are killing me.

From there we went to go check out some of Andy’s baseball games. Andy is Scott’s son. They played a double header that lasted over 6 hours. That is a long time for little leaguers to be going at it, especially in 90+ degree heat. If you take into account the warm-ups, the kids were there for 7 hours playing baseball. Not even the pro’s can turn in a day like that. The team lost focus late in the second game, but you could hardly blame them, they were all completely fried by that point.

After that it was uneventful. Pool time, dinner, and sleep rounded out the evening.

Again not one mention of drum corps! See you guys I can lead a normal life if I really try! Well it should be time to refocus my efforts after a weekend off. See everyone on the flip side!

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