Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Not Down and Never Ever Out...

Well after a one week hiatus from drum corps related topics it’s time to jump back on the drum corps topic bandwagon and post my head off leading up to this weekends show in Rochester. Maybe I won’t post my head off, but anyhow here are a few thoughts.

I love the internet! After two whole shows this year people and their prediction threads. Good thing I don’t believe in predictions because otherwise we would be in 5th or even worse 6th place. People it’s not a prediction thread, it’s a wish list! Unfortunately for us we have spent far too many years at or near the top and it is someone else’s turn. Everyone wants to see a great champion lose, I don’t get it. People have the emotional and sentimental picks for champions every year. So and so has paid their dues, so and so is due, all of this is complete and utter crap! The corps that is the most prepared should win. At Wildwood that theme was clearly evident. The most prepared corps whooped everyone’s ass.

The great thing about the season is that it is still over two months away from completion. The preparedness at the beginning of the season is a result of what was put into the winter and spring programs. Unfortunately for us there has been a seriously ridiculous revolving door, particularly in the horn line. One weekend we are full, the next weekend someone else breaks their commitment and never shows up again. This has been a constant problem in the past, but the last two years we have not had the luxury of an overabundance of member and have been forced to go out and scramble to fill holes at the last minute. This problem plagues us once again this year. I don’t know how people can have so many conflicts with the corps that has the lightest rehearsal schedule in DCA. My hunch is, there are no conflicts, it’s simply people that are too afraid to commit themselves to being as serious as we are about this activity. In reality who needs them, they would have been a thorn in our side as the season progressed anyhow. So now that we have taken out the trash so to speak, lets move forward with the people that are here, that want to be here, and want to work as hard as possible to achieve greatness.

With all of that said, we are finally full. Now we get to move forward and see how this groups works together to build on that talent and make the machine unstoppable. The Brigadiers machine has not fallen apart or broken down, we merely needed a tune up, an oil change, new spark plugs, and maybe a new air filter or timing belt. The machine will be back on the field soon, and that is something you can all count on!

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