Friday, June 03, 2005


Way back during one of the earlier winter camps this year we came up with about 3 "Santinoisms" named for former caption head and current consultant of the Brigadiers, Tom Santino. The one that stikes me as the most funny was the "Santino Shirt." We took a picture that evening of the ideal "Santino Shirt."

Think of a shirt that is so tight it looks almost like it is painted on. This is the type of shirt that once you put it on you should turn to one of your friends and say, "Does this make my nipples look big?"

Unfortunately due the the level of intoxication that evening, I am unable to remember the other 2 Santinoisms, but I thought I would share that with you since Tommy is coming in this weekend. Now we will have to see if we can get Pete to flex again while doing lip bends! That would complete my weekend!

BTW...Chris if you still have the "Santino Shirt" picture, I would like to add it to my collection!

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