Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The New York Yankees of Drum Corps...



Sara said...


Now Shawn, you know we are both going to be bringing down the wrath of the "internet patrol" for our behavior lately ;)

Shawn C. said...

Yes it seems as though my opinion is once again's ok I can stand by it, and I know you can too, just keep the personal attacks down to a minimum LOL!

Sara said...

Yeah well, y'all have not even come close to seeing me in full form on
the internet yet ;)

Besides, I was just inviting that poor misguided soul to have a friendly chat with me after the show. LOL.

John Adcock said...

Don't sweat it guys. Your corps has ben incredibly classy, especially this year when things might not be going your way.

You guys post openly and honestly, but aren't talking smack, unlike other NY corps that wouldn't know class if you shwoed them a school.

Shawn, when did you march Devils?

Shawn C. said...

I marched in 98 & 99. Same section as you(I think), but you probably guessed that!

Dawn Marie said...

Type away Shawn. The truth only hurts the people who cant admit they are wrong. Youve said nothing offensive. I know that standard you strive for and no one can be ashamed to want that for everyone. Yes it was the most logical place for our paths to continue in Drum Corps after BD. So what, these are the charts we want to play.

Sara, your support is appreciated. Thats what Drum Corps families do, though its seldom seen anymore.

Its the journey not the destination, but if you dont know where you are going, you'll never get there.

Best of Luck to ALL the corps out there!

Get It Brigs!