Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Standard...

A Standard was set back in 1999 in performance. Each year that standard was reset and the bar was raised higher. The standard of performance has enabled us to have many successful seasons back to back. Six total. We are well on our way to a 7th season of masterful performances which should mean that we finish in the mix for another championship.

The other groups have finally closed the gap in terms of performance. Their performance level is much closer to ours this year then it has been in years past. In fact at this point I would venture to say that some groups are ahead of us at this time in terms of performance. We are coming to the stretch run, and I know this group of people has a lot left to go to find their top performance level.

We have been making great strides in the past couple of weeks and have been turning out better and better runs of shows and better performances since the start of the season. It is this momentum that the corps lacked in each of the past seasons in the month of July. This momentum will really set us up to do some incredible things in the month of August, so long as we stay the course and always look to improve every aspect of our performance.

Many people are expecting another corps to make a move and get above us very soon. In the next two weeks those people are going to be disappointed because we are going to be the one’s making the move. The attitude, focus and work ethic are finally getting in line. This means that we are improving at a much more rapid pace then we have already been improving. 1 Rep at a time 1 Section at a time 1 Song at a time 1 Run at a time…we are getting better.

You don’t need to look over your shoulder, because the statement we made this past weekend, and the statement we will make again this weekend will be loud enough to let everyone know who is there.

Who needs a Bandwagon?


Anonymous said...

That corps that was just 8 tenths behind you last weekend IS going to catch you...look out Mr. Carpenter. I hear their show isn't even done yet, visually. The Cabs found your weakness in 2003, and removed you from your high horses for a change. Try being original and stop stealing BD's shows. It's SO bando to do other corps charts, note for note.

The Brigs are not infallable, sir. I have been a fan of all the DCA corps for a long time, and I'm sick and tired of the Brigs thinking that their shit doesn't stink. You're going down, and you're going down hard. Get used to it.

I am not affiliated with any drum corps.

Sara said...

Let's go Brigs!!! Time to turn it up to 11!!!!

And the following is not from the Brigs, it is only MY individual opinion and I do not speak for the organization when I say:

Mr. Anonymous - I bet the Bushwackers are real proud to have the following of some anonymous idiot who doesn't have enough balls to sign their name to a mouthy post on a competitors blog - speaking of SO bando :rolling eyes:

Do you have enough guts to say that about Reading? After all, they are doing a SCV show - note for note.

Buddy, the only person going down this year is YOU - to suck me off.

Asshole. "I am not affiliated with any drum corps." That's right, because none of us would want you. That's probably your real problem - you must have gotten cut from the Brigs or something.

Shawn, feel free to delete this if you want.

May the best corps win! w00t!

Shawn C. said...

As an alumnus of both corps I cordially invite you to kiss my ass!

That being said...if you knew the challenges this corps has gone through this year to even be out on the field you would have a different opinion.

If you had been reading past entries in this blog, you would see that a month ago, we just flat out were awful at performance. Since then the corps has found an identity, as it does every year, and this year we found it with more then 2 or 3 weks remaining in the season. Wouldl you prefer that we give a lackluster performance so you could snicker at how we "had it coming to us."

"having it coming to us" is just about as believeable as, "They are so due." The corps that work the hardest and the smartest come out at or near the top. We happen to have delivered that standard for going on 7 years now, and when the chips fall on Labor Day, we may have just defined another standard that goes beyond performance, beyond scores, and beyond your little closed minded world of BD copycat wannabe entertainers.

I've also said this before and I'll say it again. For us to get close to the level that BD can play their charts is really an awesome achievement. I'll stand proudly on my high horse and trumpet my claims all over the universe that the recording my corps put out was of high quality and worthy of the praise of the original arranger (who also happened to arrange the same chart for BD!)

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, and may the best corps win.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and God be willing, the best corps WILL win ... with originality and all...

Shawn C. said...

I am speaking about a standard, and the reason I came to Brigs. It is about excellence in performance, and at the time this was the only group achieveing at an extremely high level. Well that and the group of instructors (Wayne, Gino, James) that were working with the Brigs at the time.

I also want you to take note that I have not once said anything bad about Bush in this post. You sir (or ma'am as the case may be) took it upon yourself to clearly point out what you see as flaws with our program that in your opinion make it of lesser quality then other organizations out there. You steeped up to the plate and laid out a wonderful insult for the whole world to read. And that's ok because obviously it has made you feel better. Now you can go call all of your drum corps buddies and post aloud on the internet how much defended one of your favorite corps by bashing ok, all's fair in love and war right?

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend, see you in Kingston.

Sara said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shawn C. said...

Sara...just a tad too personal onthe last one!

Sara said...


I'll back off.

Blame it on the heat. Is it as hot down your way as it is up here? Damn!

Sean Lawler said...

Long time no see! Nothing like yukkin it up at Stansfeilds house on a friday night and all the funny drives to camps the next morning. So much for the good old days!

I think your blog is good. Not only does it hype you guys but it hypes us(bush) as well. We're hungry and it's about time we got our shit together. As for the anonymous coward, I'm sure it was a douchebag who decided that tact and class are not a part of the drumcorps activity. I don't know if they are in Bush or not but if they are I assure you that they are the vast minority of our corps mentality. Do we want to beat you? Of course! Do we need to be ass holes about it? No way. Don't think that Bush people are of the same low brow mentality as this poster.

I wish the best to you and the corps and hopefully we can have a beer after Kingston. Loser can provide the beer;)

Sara said...

Hey Sean - Great to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I've met a lot of great Bushwackers through my association with the Bridgemen Alumni and they are all great peeps.

That's how I figured that the anonymous poster wasn't part of your organization.

Ask that wackass Bush bari player Chris M. to introduce you to me at the next show we are both at!


PS - That Stan Sfield is quite a character!! :P

Shawn C. said...

Long time no see Sean! My real goal this to party with every single drum corps in DCA, and I am getting pretty close to my goal and the season isn't even over yet! A frosty beverage or two is definitely in the cards.

John Adcock said...

C'mon, Sara, the only thing in Bucs' show similar to SCV is Adagio. Granted they played YPG, but a much different arrangement.

Seriously though, Mr. Anonymous is a chump. You guys stay cocky and keep the "kick ass" attitude. I for one am tired of the PC attitude that's infecting the world of corps these days. It's ok to want to beat everyone.

Hell, I want to beat you guys, and you guys want to kick my ass...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Anonymous said...

I hope all of you that are saying that Brigs is a copy cat are joking?

just to set things strait, anonymous and John, Bucs is playing Farandole (Cadets 2001) Adagio (SCV 2000) Bartok string Quartet (SCV 2000) Young person's guide (Cadets 2001).

and I am not even saying "they" are copy cats, it is just choices men.

John Adcock said...

Yep. We're playing those. But if you LISTEN, you'll hear that the Farandole arrangement is like nothing before in DCA or DCI of that's a completely new take.

Adagio is, as I said, very close to what SCV did, but without the horrid battery percussion.

Our version of the Bartok is a percussion feature, and the Britten (YPG) is not like the old 70's SCV version or the hideously bad Cadets arrangement of a few years ago.

So, note for note? Hardly. Much like the Taxi section in Brigs' show is not a copy-cat arrangement.

Sara said...

Hey John!

I must admit I made somewhat of a misguided statement. I'm a jazzer, so I know little of classical music and not much of drum corps music past 1992.

When Carl Roccuo half-heartedly belatedly tried to recrit me for bucs after he heard I was marchig brigs this year he said Bucs were doing a SCV show. So that what was I based my comment on.

No disrespect to the bucs intended!


Anonymous said...

You guys pretty much said it all.
The original class-less "Annoymous" guy/gal is really pretty mixed up. So what if a song here or there was done before? You can take lots of DCA or DCI shows over the years and talk about where it was done first. I have heard so many people make comments on how we are doing "the 2000 BD show". Maybe its just me, but i dont remember "orange colored sky" or " baroque samba" from BD that year, and i loved that show. Oh well.
In any case, DCA is about fun. its about brew, beats and bitches (well, you know what i mean). As long as were all having fun, who cares about the rest. Sure, i would like to get up in the fight like everyone else but its not totally about that.
Bucs/bush etc, Nice job in Carolina! Hopefully we will see you guys soon.
Shawn, Sorry about "pussing out" the other night. I was just worn out. Maybe i am gettin old! I will make it up to you next time!!!

Tony Perez
Quad Line 05
Snare line 04

Anonymous said...

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