Monday, August 01, 2005

Don't Spill The Jelly...

Another very good weekend in the books, and still no rewards. Well, no material rewards you can physically put your hands on at least. Saturday was another extremely productive day of practice, and Saturday night was another very solid and emotional performance. The scores left some things to be desired once again. This time however, the staff also did not agree with the numbers. We keep on putting on better and better shows with each passing week, and that is the one positive sign you can take away from all this.

The only rewards we have are the way we feel at practice and also during and after performances. There are still plenty of bumps and bruises along the course of the program, but we are really starting to understand how to perform as a group. This is a major step up for us, and now we should be able to turn the corner into August and step up everything else.

The corps has been making outstanding progress though and we have finally been able to get back to performing like the Brigadiers again. Maybe the numbers will catch up this week. Our performance definitely has. See everyone in Kingston.

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Dawn Marie said...

I knew the Jelly would make it to someones blog. It certainly didnt surprise me that it ended up on yours. Be that as it may, I still think its better to spill the jelly than to be a Jelly Doughnut.