Monday, July 17, 2006

73 pages brain has turned into mush

Ok 73 pages down and 30 something to go. I actually feel pretty confident about where I am going for 60 out of 73 pages. The 13 or so I can't really recall are pretty hazy. Some are kind of there while others are completely gone! I guess there is always this weekend to try and kick my memory back into gear! We'll see what happens.

As far as playing those charts is considered I have no idea how that is going to pan out. Hopefully as we go this weekend the phrases will stick in my head a little better and I can play at least 80% of the show. My goal of being able to march and play this weekend may be a bit lofty, but I am confident that I can acieve what I am setting out to do. At the very least I should be 100% by next weekend in Endicott (or where the show happens to be since that portion of NY is still under water)

We'll see how things go this week and if I can do enough metal reps to actually retain what I learned this weekend...

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