Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're Not Rookies...We're Ringers!

Well there goes the neighborhood. Barring any crazy conflicts in the next few days The LOUD Tour will be back in action. It’s been a tough decision, one that I have weighed heavily in my mind. This time around I consulted with no one that way I knew I was getting what I wanted and not some slanted view of someone else’s reality. Had I talked it over with my usual “team” of consultants I probably would not have come to this decision. So we’ll give it a shot, this time all for me and see how things go.

So the learning process begins. I have the music and drill in hand and it’s time to start looking through it. Musically, its not so demanding as the past few years, marching more demanding, but nothing outside of the realm of achievable. It may take a while for me to get back into “show shape” but I am not concerned. I have a workout regimen that should get me fully up to speed within 3 weeks, which is about the amount of time I anticipate it for my shops to fully come around as well. I should be in August form, just in time for August, but without the usual wear and tear of Jan-Aug already kicking my ass.

I see a few “no pressure” moments in there already! It seems as though some of the spots were written for me. It’s ok because pressure makes me step up and perform my best. But first, lets start with learning!

I have done this before. 5 times in fact, this learning a show at the last minute kind of deal. It’s all a matter of quick learning and total retention. Since I’ve been around the block a few times I don’t anticipate either of these to be a problem. My first show would be next weekend, but I’ll have to think my way though that. Again I’ll need to full 3 weeks until it becomes automatic. I’ve been performing for so long and it is so ingrained in my habits that I will look like I am performing even when I am thinking my way through. It will take a little time before I am actually performing, but it will come.

The title of this entry…it is so true! It has been true since my actual rookie year. Granted I’ve had my moments along the way, but I feel good enough and confident enough to come back with the same attitude as when I left…The game has not changed…I’m back!

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Dawn Marie said...

Soooooo, see ya tomorrow? I'll be around for the morning block. Let me know if ya need anything....I saw you were copied in on the drill revisions :)