Monday, July 31, 2006

Momentum is a good thing!

Another weekend in the books…here are some thought’s, impressions, and observations.

I am fried! No literally…well maybe more baked then fried! The good news is I am not red anymore, but I am still burning up from all of the sun this weekend. This is one of the things I did not miss during my sabbatical for the season!

Focused Practice = Focused Warm Up = Focused Show
Despite all of the distractions possible this weekend, as a group we were able to maintain a very good level of focus and it translated in the show. If not for the 30 minute delay in the show times I think we would have performed even better. So for all the distractions and delays surrounding the actual performance of the show we did exceptionally well.

Note to GE Visual Judge…Stop being so negative! Your judging career will be much less stressful and probably a bit more prolonged if you stop dwelling in the negative and find something positive to say. Despite your lack of number, we feel that the show went quite well and that our design is very solid. Thanks for playing.

Oh yeah…that’s what we really wrote! Reviewing the drill for the “new” folks has been quite eye opening. Now that the holes are filled the forms make sense and people who have been out there are now realizing where their dots are in relation to forms. That has led to a “relearning” experience for some folks, but in this case a good polished review of everything is only going to lead to better performances as we wrap up the season.

I hate bugs. We have been practicing at this same field now for years whenever we do the Binghamton show. The bugs are ridiculous! They take every opportunity to fly in your eyes, nose, and mouth, especially when you are about to go over a very important segment in the show. Where do bugs get this instinct? This knack of timing to disrupt the balance of all things in the universe? To make matters worse I was doused in bug spray before practice…apparently to the Binghamton “super bugs” this stuff is more like a delicacy to them. So 4 pints of blood later the Binghamton bugs are happy and I have a lot of itchy bites all over my arms and legs…

I still make stuff up! Where is my T-shirt to prove it? Some parts of the show are still unclear to me, so I just make sure that I arrive at point B when I am supposed to be there. At least I look good doing it!

Momentum is a good thing. Let’s hope that we can pick up where we left off this weekend. In the past the Brigs have not really had momentum coming in to August. We have found it somewhere along the course of the month, usually going into the last week or two of the season. The simple age and experience of the group, coupled with the fact that we have just added a bunch of very seasoned vets to the line leaves us no other option. Once all of us returning members are fully up to speed, I feel that the momentum will increase exponentially, particularly with the young membership of the horn line.

So I guess we will see what happens this weekend. It’s our home show, so we have a real reason to be jacked about it. How the younger folks handle it remains to be seen. With a little guidance and a shot of confidence this could be our best performance yet. The level has to potential to increase exponentially again this weekend, which sets us up for even greater things as we wrap up the regular season.

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Genevieve said...

hahahah!! love the bugs part!! The worst is that it's TRUE!!! LOL I don't want to know how many I ate! disgusting!! See ya sat!