Saturday, November 18, 2006

And now for your listening pleasure

A Recording of the Good Old Days!

I miss playing in a hornline this great! I have the original of the CD recording at home. The guy who recorded it for us gave me a copy of the original when I saw him on the road the next year. There were so many peopl ewho came to our horn warmup in 99 just to hear this. Sadly there are only about 3 versions of it available on the internet that I can find. This is the only one on Youtube. There must be at least 100 different recodings of this out there.

That's me back in 99 (yes I cropped Scott & Opie out of the pic!)

The recoding I wish I still had was from the 1st show that year when the lights went out. OH MY GOD what a performance. When my last computer crashed, the files went with it...

So as I find more files, I'll try and post them here!


Dawn Marie said...


...the good ol days.
Not only do I miss the excellence...I miss bein tan and skinny!!!!!


Dawn Marie said...

Can we do a diamond cutter when you come out in December? That might make us feel a tiny bit better....:D

Shawn C. said...

No Diamond cutter for me...we are too old for that!