Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weekend Update!

We went to see The Departed on Saturday night. It is a pretty voilent movie, but definitely one worth seeing. I guarantee that you will never guess how it is going to end. So I won't say more without giving away the movie except that it gives Good Fellas a run for the money in the f-word department!

On Sunday I slept late and watched football. The Ravens won so that makes me happy. Unfortunately for Christine her team lost it's championship game later that night.

In other news I seem to be having some technical difficulty with my internet lately and it's driving me nuts...today it's working a little better but it is still not great, so hopefully I can get the problem resolved soon and get back to some kind of regular blogging again.

Well enough out of me for now...


Cat J said...

Good to know about the movie and the language. Helps me plan who I will be watching it with.

I keep seeing the previews for it and really want to see it though.

Cat said...

oops, posted under my anonymous name, sorry!

Shawn C. said...

The banter back and forth between the characters is great. Makes for some very funny moments!