Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Changes have been made!

I switched my template over to the updated beta blogger version of the same template. I did it because while I was making changs today, I lost everything. It really is not that difficult to use once you get the feel of how it works. So far I think it is actually easier then the old Classic HTML editor that blogger was using.

I have cleaned up my blog a little bit to get rid of all the excess advertising and buttons that were there. I have also updated and cleanup up my link list. You will also see the photo gallery list is fully updated. I added a shoutbox as well, so feel free to leave me some comments on there. I added a picture to the bottom of the page and also a couple banners. All of the banners are for free stuff, so I engourage you to check those out.

I'll be adding more ans I keep discovering cool stuff on the net! I think I am done for today. Perhaps tomorrow I'll change the color scheme a little.


Christine said...

Rutt's and Rick's blogs are things of the past, 2 links you can get rid of as well. I think they deleted it, And Rick has a new one, linked on my blog.

Sara said...

I got a link at home I will send you that has a bunch of hacks on it for Blogger Beta so you can pimp it out even more.

Sara said...

Never mind - this job is DEAD for the last hour cause everyone left early for thanksgiving so here it is:


have fun!

Steph said...

You may want to try this site for helpful tips on Blogger Beta. I saw it once I was surfing around.

kraven said...

nice theme :)
Just some cool finds