Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lunchtime with Bosco

For those of you that don't know him, Bosco is our cat.

Yes he is HUGE! But he's not fat, he is big boned!

Anyhow today I tried, stress tried, to make some tuna fish for lunch. Bosco of course felt it his duty to remind me how much he loves tuna by balancing on the end of the table and leaning over as far as he can while meowing to let me know that if anyone is going to eat some tuna in this house it had better be him! Well finally after af ew minutes of convincing I finally gave in and let him have some of the tuna. This just serves as a friendly reminder to cat owners out there that you do not run the house. Your cat runs the house and you are all merely their servants!


Christine said...

Your shout out box is blocked by websense... :(

I modify my template a little... you like?

Tony said...

came in through blogmad... nice blog.

thoroughly enjoyed the BD clip at the bottom. it was better live though, as they usually are. thank God for drum corps!

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