Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hilarious article! I couldn't agree more!

I was just reading ESPN.com's article on their Page 2 section of the website about the color pink and how it has invaded the sports jersey and team memorabilia world. The writer, who is a woman, goes on to say that the women who buy the pink jersey's and hats and matching pink sweats are not only turning their back's on their teams by not wearing team colors, but also committing a fashion crime. For those of you that think this "phenomenon of pink" has gone too far, you have got to read this article. You can even participate in a poll about it here!

Now after reading the article and participating in the poll, lets hear from you folks out there what you think of the color pink taking over the sports memorabilia market.

Although it is a true relection on the Oakland Raiders season, what woman in their right mind is going to wear these?


Kyle Korleski said...

Maybe it's the same type of person that likes to wear other such gawdy things.

Sara said...

Pantie Raiders!!!!

I for the record would not date a woman who wore those atrocious things.