Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Communication goes a long way.

So do people skills. After a phone call and an email I have straighted out a pretty big issue today. It's like I have always said, most people do not get what they want in life because they are afraid to ask for it. I asked and then I received. It was also the manner in how I asked that has got me what WE want. I say WE because this really is for the greater good of everyone involved. Now so long as everyone else can listen to some other alternatives WE be able to meet in the middle on this issue and not be totally selfish with our demands. In any case we get what we want, now it is a matter of whether or not we are truly going to give anything back.

*** Original Post Changed***

I know you were all looking forward to a rant about integrity, but as promised I got to the bottom of the larger issue at hand. Because I still feel the same way about integrity and some people's intent I have left it as a reminder to those that would ever sacrifice theirs to harm or hinder me in any way. You can read it below.


Some people need to go out and learn the meaning of the word. For those sacrificing theirs your day is coming, and perhaps today might be that day, but that all depends on whether or not you have sacrificed your integrity for personal gain. I will know the truth soon enough. Stay tuned for a possbile rant one way or another later.

Just remember, I get to the bottom of everything.

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Sara said...

We3ll, even though the drama queen in me (because we all have one whether we want to admit it or not...) was waiting for the RANT!!! I am glad you got the situation worked out for the better good. Win/Win situations are always the best and especially those that are for the good of the big picture.

Peace out.