Thursday, December 07, 2006

To B or not to B

Ok, ok I am going. This weekend I start my 7th year with the Brigadiers. So far it has been an interesting ride. Championships my first two years. An interesting staff experience my 3rd year. Two more years after that when the corps was supposedly folding in the winter time and never fielding again. And then there is last years late return to help secure a good finish in finals.

We will wait and see what this year has to offer. The one thing that has remained constant is a very good contra line each year. Yes in the past we have had a weak member or two, but by the end of the season they fit right in with the rest of us. What I like most about the Brigadiers contra section is the sound that we produce and how clean that we are able to play despite not having a full time tech all of those years. We get people in front of us at practice from time to time, but for the most part we are able to work together as a section and listen to one another to figure everything out.

This year they have supposedly hired someone to be in front of us. He doesn't have near the experience that we do in drum corps, and it is his first year teching anyone, so we'll see how that goes. I will open up and share what I know with him and let him adjust. There are some strong personalities in our section, so hopefully this guy is able to bring something to the table that they can grasp on to. It has always been hard for people to get into the mix with this line, whether it is new members or a new staff member. It's a tough to gain the respect of the group, but that is because everyone is very talented and is typically at the top of their game. The contra section has always been one that can be relied on in practices and performances to be pretty solid. Hopefully we can retain that same chemistry with the new folks and the new tech.

I guess we will all know in a few short hours.


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"strong personnalities"

ahem... I guess that's me... haha

Dawn Marie said...

Survey SAYS????

Great w/e and awesome seeing you again since DCAs. Missed the clan at Banquet, you know. I cant wait to see what this year will have in store, no doubt it will be a blast.

See ya in Jan, but Im sure I'll catch ya on here before the year end. ;)