Monday, January 29, 2007

365 Days

Shadows and Light
Originally uploaded by spcbrass.
I have joined a group on Flickr called 365 days. The whole idea behind the group is to take a picture of yourself every day for one full year and post it. I have posted 8 days so far, though I skipped a few days when I was sick and at Brigs camp. I figured I have been taking so many pictures of myself since the textamerica days that it would be a piece of cake to continue this over on Flickr.

This was an interesting picture that I came up with last night when I was trying to actually get a different picture. It looks like something out of an Ipod commercial! Ironically enough it also looks very similar to the position my hands would be in if you saw me carrying a contrabass!

So I have quite a few days to go with my 365 days project. You can view my progress here!


Betsy said...

I don't change enough from one day to the next, Who wants to see that many pictures of me?

Heinrich Volschenk said...

Great Idea!!! I wish I had the time and energy to that....but it is really admirable.