Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Our Picture in the Syracuse Post Standard

Our Picture in the Syracuse Post Standard

At camp last weekend we had a photographer and a reporter in to do an article about the Syracuse Brigadiers and the beginning of our 2007 season. They took this really nice picture of the contra line and also did a really nice article about how things have changed for our corps over the past several seasons. It is a very good read and for those of you in the drum corps community it will give you a really good idea of just how far the corps has come in just a few short years. Click on the link below to read the article.

Syracuse Brigadiers Article in the Syracuse Post Standard.

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Anonymous said...

Sadly, calling them the Brigadiers at that point was like calling the Dodgers a Brooklyn team. I was there in 90's and again in 08 and 09... it was hard to return. I'm bummed they aren't around anymore.