Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vox, My Next Blog Project

I am checking out another blogging website called Vox. So far I really like the features that Vox has to offer. It is not nearly as customizable as blogger, but it has certain other features that I wish blogger had. It allows you to store photos, music, books, videos, and even posts from other blogs. Not only can you upload all of these things directly though Vox but you can also plug into other applications like Flickr, YouTube, PhotoBucket, and even Amazon. You can do all of your searches right through Vox for all of those sites to find the pictures, videos, music, or books you need. The coolest part is that you can include of of these things in each post on your blog. There is also a community of bloggers so if your friends are on there you can easily share all of your files with one another in an instant.

Vox also seems to be built for mobloggers as well. It allows you to post photos and videos as well as full entries directly to your blog. For those of you with nokia cell phones it will be even easier as nokia is a partner with Vox. Check it out today and see if Vox is the right blog for you.

View my Vox Blog by clicking here.


ZOLTAN said...

want to trade links! I saw what you wrote on my site!
Deep Thoughts of an Asshole

MarkD60 said...

Vox looks pretty good! thanks for showing it to me!