Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Looking for a new cell phone?

For those of you looking for a new cell phone look no further then Wirefly.com. Wirefly has a large selection of cell phones and service plans from all of the major carriers to choose from. They offer phones and plans from Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint/Nextel. They also offer individual cell phone plans as well as family share plans.

They have a great selection of phones available including the Samsung Blackjack, the LG Chocolate, and the new Sony Ericsson w810i. Many of their phones are free with the purchase a service plan.

For people who need constant access to the internet and email they also have a large selection of Blackberry products as well as data service plans to choose from.

All phones come in original boxes with all equipment and instructions to activate them after you receive them. Many of their packages also come with free accessories such as bluetooth headsets. Shipping via FedEx is absolutely free with the purchase of any new phone and plan.

You will find that the service plans that are available are the exact same service plans that you can get by going to any retailer. So if you see a commercial for a particular phone or service plan that interests you the chances are you can get it on WireFly.com.

If you already have a cell phone and a plan or you are looking to upgrade you phone or to switch your plan to a different service provider you can also do that at Wirefly.com. Just go through the normal process of selecting a phone and a rate plan and when you get to the end of the process you will be asked for all of the necessary information to transfer your number to your new carrier.

WireFly.com is always running special promotions for free phones and free accessories such as five free phones with the purchase of a T-Mobile family share plan. I encourage you to check out their website today and see if they have a cell phone deal that is right for you.

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