Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sleeping is not overrated

After 7 nights of barely being able to sleep because of a nasty cough I have finally been able to get some rest without hacking my head off every 5 minutes. This is either the first sign that I am actually getting over this nasty cough, or that I slept last night out of complete exhaustion. I really hope that I am getting better. I do feel better, but I can still feel it hanging on somewhat.

Somehow I made it through a whole drum corps camp this past weekend without killing myself, though I am sure it made me a little weaker in fighting this cough. It takes a great deal of effort to be able to play the horn for all of those hours and it can make your body weak especially if you are sick.

So here is to hoping that I am fully out of this funk in the next couple of days and I feel like me once again. If I sleep tonight like I did last night then I know I will be recovered by the weekend.


Sara said...

Man, I have had the same thing for three weeks now. It didn't help that when I first came down with it I went out and drank 10 vodka and cranberries in an evening.

I thought I was over it, then it reared up and kicked me in the ass for one more time Monday.

Here's to feeling better soon!

Dawn Marie said...

Feel better Shawn. Glad you made it out for the weekend though, but dont kill yourself in the process.