Friday, January 19, 2007

Drum Corps Weekend

Music is my Life, originally uploaded by spcbrass.

I'll be leaving shortly for another drum corps weekend. I really look forward to performing this year. I really like the selections that we have for our music this year. A lot of good vets have come back to help make the corps much stronger then it has been the past two years. We retained much of the young membership form last year as well and they will only get stronger as this year goes on.

The corps overall is still younger then in past years. In fact at 29 I am the "old man" of the contra section. Right now with the members that we have in the section our average age is around 23. The section has always been the youngest section in Brigs since I got there. It has also been one of the strongest. This year looks to be no different with the section being comprised mostly of vets.

Anyhow, I am off to Syracuse until Sunday!


J. Kevin Benson said...

With what corp are you associated?

Winston-Salem, NC


Shawn C. said...

I am a member of The Brigadiers. I have been there since 2001.