Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Am I becoming domesticated?

The thought had crossed my mind recently. It seems to be happening. Last night would prove to be another good example why.

First I met with Christine so that we could both go and get our mouthpieces re plated with gold. The years of playing has worn my gold mouthpiece down to raw brass in some spots and hers as well, so this is something that needed to be done, not very domesticated stuff at all.

On the way there I mentioned that I saw a good deal on some shoes that I would actually wear. If you'll remember right before the holiday I put a post here about athletic shoes and what happened to them, you can read that here. Well the shoe store did not have my size, but Christine found a pair that she liked and of course asked me about my opinion. She ended up buying some new shoes. Well I was determined to find some last night and I went to two other stores before I finally did find a pair that I could live with that were more about function and less about fashion. You can check out my new shoes below.

So why all the domesticated talk? Well lets see we go shopping for clothes together, we buy cell phones together, and now we by shoes together! Lets not forget to mention that Thursday is CSI night, and Sunday is Rome night. And just last night we watched the American Idol premier together. I have not watched this show since season one, and here I am all domesticated sitting at home on the couch watching it!

So I guess I am becoming a bit domesticated! As long as I have dinner on the table tonight when Christine gets home, nobody has to know!


Leo said...

It happens to everyone eventually! Enjoy-lol.

Jrad said...

Great Blog.

Christine Hingray said...

You were still having your "Rome night" before you came here...

As long as you don't see this "domesticated" life as a bad thing, it's all good!

I love you!

Shawn C. said...

Well I had the Rome nights before, but it was usually after I got home from corps. In fact I would get home right at 9 to see it.

Plus we had 5 nights in a row watching the Rome marathon, something I never did at Scott's house!

pkelley said...

Great blog. Dig the post.