Monday, January 15, 2007

Finally winter is here!

Snow in Montreal, originally uploaded by spcbrass.

Today we are finally getting some serious snow that might stay around for a little while. We have seen a day or two with very little snow so far this winter, but snow will make everyone happy around here! They are calling for 8-10 inches by tonight. I may go out and take some more pictures of it later today if I feel up to it.


Barry Mahfood said...

It's 80 freaking degrees in Central Florida. What's going on? This is ridiculous.


Phusion said...

Wow, that's crazy, all that snow, we certainly don't get that in Northern California. We're complaining about sub 30 degree weather, I guess we're just spoiled. Great pic.

Dawn Marie said...

Yeah, we got an ice storm then the snow. It was 12 degrees when I got out of work today...

Hope you all have a safe trip. See ya soon.

Spiderman said...

Yep, it was about time that we get some snow here in Montreal. I've already started flirting with the idea of throwing away my boots and my hat.

Talk about global warming!