Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Am I addicted to the internet?

Laying in bed last night at 1:30 after surfing the internet a lot later then I wanted to I asked myself this question. I kind of recapped in my head what I had been doing online in the past few days. So I started listing the websites that I visit and that I am active on regularly. After making a mental list of all of these websites I decided that I do spend way too much time online.

Lets start with all of the blogs first. Of course you guys are reading The LOUD Tour, but there are three other out there besides this one. The other three that I have are my Live Journal, my Xanga, and my SoulCast blog. The content of them may be similar, but the main reason for that is to point everyone back to here as well as to point them to a bunch of other cool things that I have found out there on the internet.

So those are my blogs, now you have to factor in my friends blogs who I am checking out everyday. Naturally I'll check out Christine's blog everyday. But then there are the others that I check on a regualr basis like Dawn, John, Sara, and even the infamous Lee Rudniki. There are others that I encounter along the way while surfing Blogmad, BlogAdvance, BlogExplosion, and AutoSurfMonster.

Then there are the websites that I write thing on a regular basis. One is a bulletin board called Drum Corps Planet. I belong to a few yahoo groups that I regularly participate in as well. There is also MyLot which pays me for discussions. I get paid by two websites for writing articles. The first is Associated Content, the second is Helium. I type up short articles from time to time and get paid from those websites.

I am just getting started here. I am a complete sports nut as well and spend much of my day looking at webasites like and Sportsline. There there are my Baltimore Ravens! I also get some of my Baltimore Ravens news from The Baltimore Sun website as well. Now that the PGA tour season is back on I also spend a lot of time on and The Golf Channel website. I participate in the message boards on many of these sites frequently as well.

Thene there is the daily visits to MySpace to see what my friends are up to. There are also the three email addresses which people can reach me at anytime. I have email with GMail, AOL, and Yahoo. Hey I've cut back! I used to have one with Hotmail too! I don't bother with any instant messengers anymore it's too difficult to keep four or five windows open and keep track of everything else that I am already doing!

Oh lets not forget all of the picture websites that I have online either. The first one is my moblog at Textamerica. I also started another one for Syracuse Brigadiers Pictures. After that came my venture with Share-A-Pic. I started multiple galleries with them and I get paid when people view my pictures. I made very little so far, but that has to do with the time I put in other places. As if three picture websites weren't enough just this week I started a fouth picture venture with Flickr.

There are lots of other sites that I also go and visit regularly like YouTube and a bunch of others. I really am plugged in full time to the internet. There are more websites that I could list here, but I just can't remember them all! So am I addicted or what?


Skanky Jane said...

I can so relate....

As tou your question, does your internet activity make your life unmanageable?

For instance, do you miss study, work, eye to eye contact with loved ones, meals, showers, excercise, fresh air, sunlight, due to the time you spend online?

It can make you really ill. I am "blogmad" too - if it soens't effect your lifestyle in adverse ways I guess it's fine but personally, I have to watch it.

SJ xx

jen said...

i'm completely addicted to the 'net. but it isn't a bad thing. is it? with my treo, i can go online no matter where i am. being online no longer means indoor bound.

mikealao said...

There is just too much to do on the web. I really do need to get away from it and/or limit what I do online. The problem is that everyday I find new sites and interesting things to do. If I could I would just surf all day - which I already pretty much do.

Nichole said...

I'm in the same boat...

My list keeps growing and I really need to stop spending all my time on the net.

I do most of the ones you listed (although I recently dropped Associated Content and now write only for Constant Content) plus my forum Pazzesco World takes up a huge portion of my time.

The internet is very, very addicting. If I get on and forget to look at the clock, half of the day can easily go by without me noticing.

cctech said...

Hi, my name is Anthony and I am an Internetaholic.

(entire group in unison): "Hi, Anthony."