Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review My Posts!

PayPerPost is offering a great new program called Review My Post that allows you, the reader of my blog, to get paid to review posts on my blog. That's right you will get paid $7.50 just for reviewing one of my posts. It doesn't even have to be a post that is sponsored by PayPerPost. It can be on any of my posts where you see the review my post button!

This program is open to all bloggers and pays you every time someone signs up! It is a great way to get paid even without writing actual sponsored posts. Once a blogger is signed up for the program all they need to do is include the Review My Post button on any of their blog entries and they can start earning money! For each person that signs up for this program and does a review on their blog about your post you, the blogger, will receive $7.50.

Everyone that I know would like the opportunity to make some extra money and this is an excellent opportunity to get paid to blog. Go on over to PayPerPost today and check out this program. Or better yet, click the Review My Post button on any of my entries to sign up and review one of my posts today!

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