Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slideshows & Domains

That's what the last 12 hours have been all about! It started last night when I was looking into buying my own domain name (which by the way appears to be an expensive proposition even though I only looked at one place, Godaddy.) With the future of blogging and blog advertising, buying my own domain name seems like a very logical thing to do. Some bloggers are already paying for their own domains, but I would venture to say the large majority of us are using free services to host our blogs. We can generate revenue through various means, and make a little extra cash from it. Only recently have the larger "paydays" shifted to the blogger who has their own domain and hosts their own content. When I say larger I am talking about significantly larger sums of money to these people. With the right promotion and the right links, these people can make up to 20 times what those of us using free services can make. It seems only logical to me to go out and get my own domain, then shamelessly promote it until it ranks very high in both Google and Alexa. Only then would I really be able to shift into a role of full time blogger.

IN other news, I have been playing with slideshows today. I put one together over on myspace as well as one that pulls pictures from my flickr page. Overall I like the second one better because it correctly resizes the images so that they are never blurry or distorted. So please click this button View slideshow press play and enjoy!

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NoMas said...

Shawn: Another way to "freely" boost your Google rank is to leave lots of comments on other's blogs. In turn folks will be more likely to visit your site and comment as well. Your site will be listed in Google every time there is a comment. The more traffic, the better.