Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another Quick Update

Sorry to leave you all with the latest post to make some money up there all day long, but my hands are full! Thankfully the little kitty is sleeping for a little while and I can actually get some work done around here! Between watching him and watching Bosco my hands have been full, and I had to turn in a light week in terms of blogging and vlogging. Once the kitty's get adjusted I'll return to my regular schedule of assorted insanity. Until then you'll just have to bear with me and my bits and pieces of random updates! Look for a short music video to come at some point this weekend. I have a really cool idea with some really cool music! So until then, I'll be taking care of our feline children!


Anonymous said...

ur such a good daddy ;o)


Shawn C. said...

I try to be!