Friday, March 23, 2007

Sometimes You Have To Draw People A Picture

When Presenting people with new ideas and solutions, sometimes it is often easier to draw a picture rather then to try and actually explain what it is you are really trying to say. I think this picture should clear things up a bit.

So how do you like the stick figure stylings of Shawn Carpenter?


Dawn Marie said...

In light of Johns(2) funnies from last weekend, lets revisit them in context again to your blog:

"Thats a touching story" and "I have a sharpie in my backback. Want me to draw you a picture?"

Lets hope he doesnt use up all his sense of comedic timing before the competition season begins.
Take care. Talk soon. :)

Joshua Xalpharis said...

An impeccable attention to detail!

NoMas said...

Oh you missed your calling as an artist!

Shawn C. said...

No worries John never runs out of comedy!

I take it you guys like my artistic stick figures then!