Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Attention Google...WTF???

My frustration has reached an all time high with Google and their page ranking system. I am at a loss for what to do to get my page rank above zero. That's right I said zero, my page rank is STILL stuck on zero. Maybe sometime in 2027 when they finally have an accurate calculation of my actual page rank I might get all the way up to 1. Until then I'll just dwell here at the very bottom and be one of the most unpopular and unread people on the internet, how does that sound?

Why am I stressing on this? Because right now, blogging is my only source of income. Many of you are aware of blog advertising, and you have seen some of my posts in the past. There are numerous sites that you can sign up with that will pay you for doing this. Those numerous sites within the past 1-2 months have made Google page rank as their primary decision maker in exactly what opportunities you can take. People with high page ranks get all of the opportunities not to mention significantly higher paying one's. People with the low ranks get maybe a half dozen really ridiculous opportunities, many of which I will never post on here. Every site has gone to this page ranking system and when you are STUCK on zero like I am then you don't get much, if anything at all.

My site is indexed in Google. It has many reciprocating links with other sites with very good page ranking. I get a lot of traffic. I have my fair share of subscribers. I have signed up with all of the major blog directories out there. Still I have made no headway in terms of getting my page rank above ZERO. The best part is, you can email Google all you want and they will never tell you their super secret formula for calculating page rank. They only tell you to get listed in their directory and to get your link posted in as many places as possible.

So there you have it Google, I have filled my end of the bargain, now how about you fill yours?


Joshua Xalpharis said...

I'm in the same boat, sadly. I made just a little under $100 and then I was locked out. Its been nearly two weeks since I've seen an opportunity I was able to do.

Given that it takes around three weeks for my emails to be answered (I have a cryptographer on retainer), I'm not really counting on much help from the support staff.

I still look every other day, but no real expectation for it to change. I merely went to the competition. I'm hoping this one will work out much better than the last one did.

Regardless, I hope it gets cleared up for you.

Freelance blogger solidarity!

Shawn C. said...

Sadly enough I may have to go back to writing articles again in order to make money. It really is the only guaranteed way these days. It just eats up more of my time for taking pictures and doing my video project.

I have signed up with the competitors. Two have approved me but have no work for me, one because my PR is too low. Another competitor I am waiting on approval. It's been 2 weeks since I submitted to them and I am still pending.

One day maybe things will work out for all of us!

NoMas said...

Okay, try this: Go to Blog Explosion and/or Bestest Blog (there's a link on my site) and surf the blogs. Leave comments every day on the ones that interest you. Especially leave comments on the more popular blogs (the ones that have many comments) and the other commenters will check out your site, as well. Also, depending on your interest in the comments others have made on the popular blogs, go to their site and comment too. Your PR will begin to grow. Ya gotta advertise yourself more.

Sue said...

No way! The "pimp" blog is a 3/10. There has to be a mistake on that one. I have no idea how it works either, but I can't believe your at zero?????

Demon23... said...

I am impressed, it says something about a persons character to try making money on the blog scene. I think of you as the frontier type.

I am not being sarcastic, I can understand that it may sound that way... anything genuine always sounds like bullshit to me.

Dig this though: There are people out there that make it work, they are few and far between, but I believe that The Loud Tour will triumph.

Face Time is gold...

Think of really unusual ways to reach people... don't laugh, stuff people haven't seen yet or is not common. Think about a newsletter in the physical world. Think of ways to get the news letter paid for by other bloggers and or places that want money that reflect with your demographic, who knows that in and of itself could work to bring in more money for you. Even if they don't like it or think whatever about it, they will talk about it.

Or maybe make pins, or see if you can have posters of your blogsite and or a really cool designs for the inside of a business. They look chik and you get face time. I am not saying these will work, I am not saying use my ideas, but what I am saying is (the most stupid bullshit line ever) Think out side box.

All my ideas and or advice would cost money, time and risk taking... so take it with a bucket of salt.

Shawn C. said...

Great advice! I have been doing a lot more of that recently. Since signing up for MyBlogLog I have found a whole bunch of other blogs that I am interested in.

Sue I will figure this all out one day, just know I am as determined as ever to get my blog out there!

I have looked into different ways to promote my work, and business cards look like a very good option. There is a company that works with flickr to make photo business cards. They are very nice and professionally done. This is more to promote my photos first and my blog second though. I have also looked into stickers and posters. I once did this with some home made labels. I made 5000 and ended up getting 1000 hits out of it.

There is plenty more coming...maybe a face lift for the site or even a new domain name...only time will tell for sure.

Tammi said...

You might want to check out Deb Ng's About Weblogs on about.com. She lists blogging jobs frequently.

Coan said...

I didn't know John found me on here haha.

Angel said...

On one of my blogs, my PR for google went from 0 to a 2 in a month. I'll tell you what I did, and hopefully it'll help.

One: I did link exchanges with a couple relevant blogs. I'd email them, ask them about it. In general they were really nice and were into doing that.

Two: I read the blogs I come across when I search on Blog Mad or Blog Explosion. If I have something worth saying on a post, then I leave a comment. Kind of like now [lol]. Then if I have the option of entering my URL, I enter it. If that blog is in the google system, it will show as you being linked. Even if it is just in your comment on a post.

Three: I submitted my blog to tons and tons of blog engines and searches. Even just plain searches. If I could remember the website, I would tell you what it is. But it listed over 100 different sites that you could list your blog or site on for free.

I hope you find that a bit helpful. If you'd like to do a blogroll link exchange, let me know. I'd be willing to do that :)

Bianca said...

As an avid blog reader, may I give one suggestion on how to generate (and keep) more traffic? I find that I am frequently turned off by blogs that stick with the Blogger standard templates. I tend to feel that no matter how good the writing, if the author hasn't bothered to put a personal touch on their blog that I'm probably not going to be interested in the content.

Just food for thought. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Shawn C. said...

Angel, I have been in the process of submitting them to those same search engines. I have probably submitted it now to over 50 in the past 2 months.

I agree with you Bianca, this template is very old and tired and does need a major upgrade. I do need something new and fresh that separates me from the ordinary.

Demon23... said...

I enjoy being less then ordinary, I can not imagine trying to make money on the blog scene... I don't do it for readers, I do it for fun. Guys like me suck... but we are just so good at it. Why stop?

PoEt said...

hopefully i can help ya out

how about you link to blogaboutyourblog.com and i will link you to 2 of my blogspot blogs that are pr4 and 3

sound good?

leave me a comment at blogaboutyourblog.com if you add us to your blogroll

Omni said...

Don't fret: Google is currently doing a protracted revamp of everyone's PageRank. If you go here:


you'll see that several Google datacenters are showing you with PR3... so that's where you'll probably be whenever they finally finish the current upheaval. xo