Wednesday, March 07, 2007

LOUD Tour TV Episode 3

In today's episode, we'll go on another "brief" tour! We will also see Bosco in action, yes he is awake for this video! I'll explain why I have 2 cell phones, and I'll show you some random party pictures!

The first two episodes and the special snow edition have been a huge success because of viewers like you! Please continue to tune in to the show every Wednesday. Also be on the lookout for LOUD Tour TV special reports like the one that aired last Friday!

Want to be a part of LOUD Tour TV? Send your video clips to Videos should be no longer then 2 minutes in length. Not only will you be featured on LOUD Tour TV, your link will also be included in the post as well as featured at the top of my blog. I will be picking one person at random to feature each week. Next week, it could be you!



Darth Vader said...


Shawn C. said...

Hahaha! No EP for me Darth!

Katie said...

Loooove the artsy martini pictures...ha! You are the ultimate martini master. I can't even order them at the bar anymore because they just don't compare :) Feel better!

Shawn C. said...

Artsy martini...Touche...says the girl who drinks the "special" and wakes up on our couch!

I am feeling a bit better, but Christine is getting worse...we must do at least one more martini weekend before Brigs becomes a full time thing!

Dawn Marie said...


Feel better guys! Hope you & Christine didnt get I what I had. :P I think it was foul children germs from that school anyway. Nasty.

Take care and take lot of *ahem* fluids. lol


Shawn C. said...

Don't worry we didn't get that crazy virus that you's something else, probably a mix of kids germs and the dryness factor. That school is the worst!

Yes the adventures of Bosco...maybe he can get his own TV show!

NoMas said...

I hope those were clean briefs! he he Hubby's favorites are his South Park character boxers. Were those bottle caps on your eyes!? And, hey - go blow your nose Mr. Sniffles.

Shawn C. said...

They certainly were clean briefs! Sorry for the sniffles, I didn't realize how bad they were until I had posted the video! Don't worry, I am all better now!