Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hello Firefox...Goodbye IE! Oh yeah and some Vlogging!

I have finally made the switch! I know, what took me so long? So far I like the Firefox browsing platform about a million times better then IE. Not only are the loading times much faster, but it doesn't crash or use up nearly as much memory as IE. I really wish that I would have made the switch sooner! All I have left to do is to get some of my old bookmarks into Firefox and I'll be all set. I have downloaded the Google tool bar and also an Alexa plug in at this point. What are some other good plug ins that I can download for Firefox that would really be useful? Any information that you could give would be extremely helpful!

In other news I am going to a meet and greet of sort with some other Vlogger's from Montreal tonight. That's not the best part though! Gabe McIntyre from XOLO.TV is going to be there! So you might be asking what is the big deal? Gabe is one of the founders of XOLO.TV which is a company that is at the leading edge of technology for Bloggers, Vloggers and Podcasters alike. I am very excited to have the opportunity to meet with someone with such expertise in these areas, particularly because I have launched LOUD Tour TV and I want to market it into a product that is widely recognized and successful. In the future I plan on getting my XOLO.TV Citizen Journalist Press Pass and possibly, if I am lucky enough, begin covering some local events and bringing them to you here on The LOUD Tour.

The future of Blogging and Vlogging looks very bright and promising! I encourage everyone to go and check out the XOLO.TV website today and see what these guys are all about!



Demon23... said...

Dude I am glad you are getting ahead and or lining up the tools needed to give you more face time.

I hope the best for ya.

Shawn C. said...

I see that you are working on posting a video to your blog! Good luck with that. See my latest post about before you invest too much time with youtube!

Marc @ XOLO.TV said...

hey Shawn! Thanks for your kind words and I understand the vlogger meetup in Montreal was fun! Did you get a pass from Gabemac right there, or should I still send you one?


(PS: rocks...for now :))

Shawn C. said...

Marc good to see you here, thanks for stopping by! I got the pass already thanks! I look forward to seeing more cool stuff on really soon!