Thursday, April 12, 2007

Earn More With Better Interest Rates

How many of you out there have savings accounts and are satisfied with the interest rates that you are receiving? Most savings accounts out there offer a minimal return on your money. In fact most savings accounts are still earning less then 1% interest on their money! Did you know that there are savings accounts available that are offering rates as high as 6%? If your money was earning 6% imagine how much faster you could save for the things that you are really trying to buy. Imagine opening up a savings account for your child's education and earning 6% interest for 15 years. Even if you only opened an account that gave you a 3% return you would still earn significantly more. is a consumer driven website that allows you to see exactly which savings plans out there are yielding higher interest rates. You can pick and choose which savings plan is right for you!

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