Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I missed the US Open again!

But then again I miss it every year because of drum corps! Anyhow I have spent the entire morning catching up on my US open news and happenings, so now I can finally get on with my day! For those of you who missed the final day, and it was an exciting one, check out the news story below!

So, as always I missed the US open because of a drum corps show. We had a show this weekend in Wildwood, NJ. The corps had an excellent rehearsal, and a very solid performance. The numbers weren't where we would have liked them, but that sort of thing is beyond our control. What we did get was a great reaction from the crowd during multiple segments of our show. It is obvious that the people in the stands really like the program, once we get the execution up to a higher level the scores will come. For now it's a week off and then we are in Bridgeport, CT.

In other news, LOUD Tour TV Live will officially launch today. Stay tuned for the link and for more info! LOUD Tour TV will be returning to a normal schedule now that I have another new camera that won't have problems with quicktime conversions and file formats. With the weather being so warm, I am excited to go out and get some more footage!

In other news, I have officially jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. You can check out my profile here. Some people don't like all of these social networking sites and think that they are a joke. To some extent I feel that people join them all because it is the latest and greatest thing to do. I join them mainly to get myself more exposure on the internet. It really helps me to promote my pictures and videos everywhere. In the past 6 months I have probably tripled my presence on the internet. Some people say that I am telling people too much information about my life and that I should be really careful how much I expose myself out there. In reality I expose people to the things that I want them to see, hear or read about and nothing more. So until the camera rolls 24 hours/day and I get my own reality TV show, remember you are just getting a snapshot of my life and not the whole enchilada!

And with that...I'm done! Time to film the show!


Dawn Marie said...

Im on facebook so that I can throw virtual food at you. Haha. The Nachos were for Sanchez. ha.

Sara said...

Dude, my brother AND sister gave me these big lectures about my blog before I moved out here and how I need to take stuff off of it and don't I know that people google me when I apply for jobs and blah blah blah blah blah.

I got a job anyway. Neeener neener neener!!!

Worldman said...

Hello Shawn. Me too, I "missed" things. Like commenting your posts. Because of time constraints. I enjoy very much your posts. Have a nice day. Peter

Shawn C. said...

DM, At least you didn't "bean" me three times like Judy did! I would rather throw real food at people though, it is more fun!

Sara, my old job found me on the internet and got pissed, in fact they threatened to take me to court and sue me over pictures of my office, so what did I do, make the images private of course, I'm not deleting those, but now they can't see them hahaha!

Hey Worldman long time now see! I have to get over to your blog soon and see what you have been up to as well!