Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Now Available On iTunes...

LOUD Tour TV! Yes, my videos are finally available on iTunes! Not all of them yet, but you can get my latest 12 videos now! You can even subscribe to my feed via iTunes and get instant updates as soon as I make a post! How cool is that?

I've got another cool feature coming soon and that is LOUD Tour TV Live! I am setting this up now. Since I am very busy this week and Christine is on vacation I am not launching LOUD Tour TV Live just yet. Look for an official announcement sometime next week.

I tried to download a copy of Final Cut Pro today so that I can edit some of my video footage together. Some of you may feel that pirating software is wrong, but I feel that charging $1300 for software is also highway robbery. Someone is raking in the big bucks from this stuff, and a small time guy like me just can't afford to shell out that kind of cash, especially if I am going to offer all of my videos for free.

I did find some cool add ons for iMovie HD today, and those too cost money. To get the full package of add ons it costs almost $400. You can edit your movie to make it look professional, but then again I am offering all of my movies for free, and shelling out $400 just doesn't make smart business sense to me at this time. There is no return at all on my investment.

So that is it on the video front for now. I've got some other cool news to share, but I'll do that in a different post tomorrow! See you then!

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