Thursday, June 28, 2007

Montreal International Jazz Festival

Today I take a visit down to the International Jazz Festival here in Montreal. They are really just setting up, but this is one of the biggest jazz festivals in the world. I go check out one percussion group that is playing and then tell you a little bit about the festival. I'll be down here multiple times next week with plenty more updates from the festival!


Worldman said...

Well, soon we will have the "Montreux Jazz Festival". Which I am not able to attend this year, for being away. But as I post this, I am wearing the tee-shirt from 2002 and my daughter is buying me more from this years festival. Montreal - Montreux, probably the worlds best jazz festivals. Have a nice day. Peter

Shawn C. said...

That is one that I certainly hope to get to one day in life myself. I have heard a lot of recordings from the Montreux Jazz Festival in the past. Hopefully I'll put up some videos of the artists performing next week. It all depends on how strict they are with the cameras and such.