Friday, June 29, 2007

A Quick Update Before I Hit The Road!

Yes I am off to Bridgeport, CT this weekend. I hear is lovely this time of year (sarcasm!) We have a show and a parade there this weekend. There is lots to be done this weekend too and it ought to be interesting how we respond after having a weekend off.

I went to check out the International Jazz Festival yesterday here in Montreal. The setup and the whole atmosphere looks really cool. I just wish I didn't have to go to CT this weekend and miss out on some of the big shows. Wynton Marsalis plays tonight and Harry Connick Jr. on Sunday. Those are the two acts that I really wanted to see too. I took a couple of cool pictures from the festival yesterday, here is one to share. I also took a video for LOUD Tour TV. You can view it at the top of my blog or on the entry below. I'll be back to check it out more next week so look for more cool pictures and videos!

Montreal Jazzfest Main Entrance

In other news, I have finally launched LOUD Tour TV Live! I was originally going to do the show on blogtv, but I could not get the camera working properly for it. I tried to get some tech support, but the answer that I got didn't really help me out at all. Their software is built for windows not for Mac, although some Mac users have got it working, I just could not figure out where to change my camera settings. I am tech savvy enough to figure these things out, I mean I produce and post my own videos everywhere on the internet! So I took my live show elsewhere. It's a relatively new company, but they seem like good people and a good community, although I feel like the old guy over there! Go and check out the Viddyou website and decide for yourself.

And with that I am off to eat some lunch, then shower, then pack for CT. See you next week!

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NoMas said...

Dang, having to miss Harry Connick Jr - that is the pits. Have a safe trip to CT!