Friday, July 06, 2007

More cool websites on the internet!

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I have been checking out a bunch of other video and live internet TV sites this week and putting up quite a few updates on those. Mainly I have been checking them out to see what kind of interface and what kind of audience you can generate. So after a week of checking a bunch out, here are three that are worth taking a look at.

The big boy out there is blogtv. I had some difficulty in the past week getting everything set up, but once I figured everything out I was able to finally make some videos there. The lie broadcast allows the viewers to interact through a chat box within the show. It's cool to be able to interact with other users while doing a live broadcast. The only drawback is that you get 2 hours of recording time for each show. So if you do 30 minutes a day for 4 days then you have used up all of your time and you have to create a new show. Still it's the largest community out there and it will reach a much broader audience.

Viddyou I wrote about last week a little bit. There is no live broadcasting with viddyou, but clips are posted immediately after uploading. If you have a webcam you can record with the pres of a button. It's a relatively new startup company and it's really more of a place to network and chat with people by leaving each other video clips. The community is good people and there is no badmouthing going on like you will find at some of the larger sites. If you aren't ready to do live broadcasting then this is a great site for you. It's very easy to use and like I said the people there are all great. You can also upload your own videos here as well, so if you like to prerecord shows you can do so and upload it in the future.

The last site that everybody needs to check out regardless of whether you are a vlogger and interested in live broadcasting or just a regular person who is bored on the internet with nothing to do is Operator 11. Operator 11 allows users the ability to broadcast and interface with other users in real time. Anyone can be a part of your show and you can be a part of anyone's show. You and your friends can all meet up on the internet and broadcast your own live TV show! Each person can get in front of the camera from their own computer and offer their input into the show. Each person can also share their video clips during the show. This is live internet TV at it's finest. Everyone needs to go and check this out now, this is the future of live TV right here! To see my show, please visit my profile page. Also be sure to add me as a friend and I'll invite you to be on the show each time I run it!

Well there you have it, if you are bored this weekend be sure to check out these great websites! As for me I'm off to Rochester, NY for yet another show! See you next time!


Maurits said...

You wrote a great article here. I'd like to cite your last section where you talk about O11.
I was very nice to join your show earlier today. I am not sure whether you are an Apple user or not but if so, sorry but doesn't support Aplle [yet].

Shawn C. said...

Thanks for being a part of the show! It certainly make it a whole lot more interesting. Great kids by the way!

I use both Mac and PC, but the only webcam that I have is with the Mac. There is more PC support out there for sites like these, so I imagine one day I will have a webcam with the PC too!

Maurits said...

Webcams come certainly cheap these days, if that's an issue.

Shawn C. said...

I want something with quality, not just a cheap webcam or the sake of having a webcam. My plan, because so much of this city is indeed wireless, is to be able to broadcast live shows from different places in the city and perhaps meet some people at random and have them on the show.

Mark Molckovsky said...
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