Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Syndication, Syndication, Syndication!

My videos are now everywhere! You may ask what is the purpose of hosting my videos all over the internet? Well the main reason is for me to get them as much exposure as possible. Of course the official home of LOUD Tour TV is still blip.tv, but now you can my videos at a host of other places online! Here is a rundown of where you can find my videos online!

The Official Home of LOUD Tour TV

LOUD Tour TV on YouTube
LOUD Tour TV on Myspace
LOUD Tour TV on Google Video (coming soon)

And my latest and greatest venture, LOUD Tour TV on iTunes! That's right, now you can download each of my episodes as a podcast directly from the iTunes store! All of the episodes are free, so download as many as you like and share them with as many people as you can!

***iTunes Update*** I am having some issues with the file conversions at this time, I hope to have this resolved in the next few days. Once it is resolved I will make a formal announcement and then you can download your little hearts out!

This is an exciting day for LOUD Tour TV! New episodes and music videos are already in the works, be sure to check them out soon! As you can see, I have also now added a video player to the top of my blog where you can watch all episodes of LOUD Tour TV anytime you want!


Worldman said...

Hello Shawn. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I just "glanced" bit through yours. It looks really interesting. Friday is our day off here and I will by all means take time and continue with a "in depth" discovery. Have a nice day. Peter

Worldman said...

Hello, its me again. You are now in "My favorite Blogs". Cheers and see you soon