Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A New Movie and a Scary Story

Do you believe in ghosts or in the afterlife? Have you ever experienced a paranormal event in your life? Are there good spirits and evil spirits still walking this earth? If you said yes to any of these questions then you need to check the the new 1408 Movie starring John Cusack.

Why do I believe in ghosts and paranormal events? Because I have experienced these things first hand. I used to live in a house that had it's own ghost walking around inside. The house itself was built in the 1800's and has a lot of history dating back to the Civil War. Inside of the house you see all kinds of strange things on a regular basis. Appliances turning themselves on and off, figures walking back and forth in the lights, sometimes even the lights themselves will flicker and get brighter and dimmer. You could be sitting alone in the dark watching TV on a hot summer day with no breeze in the air and feel a very cold draft of air on the back of you neck.

I once saw one of my friends walk toward one of the figures in front of the light only to freeze in his tracks and not be able to move. Another friend of mine came over to the house to stay for a week, not knowing about the ghost that we had inside, and he told us that after the first night we had something in the house. When we asked him why he thought that we had a ghost living there he told us that he woke up on the middle of the night and was floating above the bed he was sleeping on. The scariest moment I ever experienced in this house was one night when I was up late watching TV. I actually said out loud to myself, "It's getting late I should be going to bed." At that moment every light downstairs turned on and got really bright. Needless to say every hair on my body stood straight up. When the lights turned off, I went right to bed. I could hear someone walking around downstairs the rest of the night. To this day you can still see and hear things in that house. No one knows why this spirit is still there, but it will remain there until it gets what it wants.

In the new 1408 Movie you will see some of these same things. Restless spirits and ghosts who have some very horrible tales to tell and things to show about their lives. Some of these exact same things that happened in my house will happen in this movie, like that clocks acting funny, and the lights flickering. Of course a movie like this is just fantasy...or is it?


NoMas said...

OOOHHHH, I love that sort of thing! And, of course I believe in ghosts and spirits!

Shawn C. said...

I have always been interested in this sort of thing myself. I remember as a kid we used to go up to Gettysburg and go on some of those ghost hunts up there. I can only recall once where we actually saw the ghost that we were looking for, but it was a really cool experience!