Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Web 2.0, What Is It?

I have been sitting here all day checking out all sorts of new applications and all kinds of cool websites all day long. I've been keeping up with the happenings of all of my internet friends, checking out what some of them are into on various social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook as well. In addition I have probably watched at least 30 different videos at multiple websites during the course of the day. You could say that I am a bit of a web junkie!

I got to thinking in the past few hours about this Web 2.0 phenomenon that I keep hearing and reading about. Web 2.0 is supposed to be the latest and greatest version of the internet that is going to revolutionize the way people find and share information. It also promises to be a multi-billion dollar industry some day.

Multi-billion dollar industry? Where do I get a piece of this action? Sadly I am not a programmer or a developer, so I don't know if I'll ever see a piece of this action. Interestingly enough I did realize that I have become wrapped up in this Web 2.0 phenomenon without even really knowing it. My blog is one example of it, my videos another. Those of us reading, writing, filming, and sharing information everyday are a part of it.

The web these days is all about interactivity whether it be with your blogs or at your favorite shopping website. Keep this in mind the next time you are surfing and checking out all of these different websites and movies and flash introductions. Everyone has become a part of it. The real question, at least for me, is how do I cash in on it?

This is a question I may never find the answer to...

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