Monday, June 25, 2007

Listen To The Sound Of Opportunity Knocking

Or in this case opportunity may be kicking the door down and leaving me no choice but to take it! I had a very interesting meeting on Friday with the owner of a clothing store here in Montreal. In the next few weeks I really hope to make something big happen out of it. So let me give you a rundown on how this opportunity fell into my lap.

A few weeks ago Christine and I were out checking out some novelty t-shirts for drum corps. For those of you who have never met me in person, I wear these crazy t-shirts all of the time with different funny sayings. I have a good collection and I like to wear them around on weekends! In any event we wandered into this new store that had just opened on St Catherine here in Montreal. We saw all kinds of cool shirts there. Well it turns out the store has it's own press and makes it's own t-shirts. So we end up talking with the guy for a while and telling him our story of me moving here, so he says as a welcome to Montreal that he will give me a good deal on a custom t-shirt. Pretty cool stuff!

Now the store itself carries much more then novelty t-shirts. In fact it carries the latest fashions for both men and women. And when I say the latest styles I mean if it came out last week, they have it in the store. They are that up to date with all of their clothing. So I figured I could help them out and do a couple of short video commercials for them that I could put up all over the web. The guy made me a deal, so I was just trying to repay the favor to him. Producing a couple of short commercials would only boost my resume, especially if they are high quality videos. With the new camera's and software I have the capability now to produce something like this.

So the owner, Terry, is very receptive to the idea and wants to talk about it in the coming weeks. Then he drops the bombshell! He really wants his own reality show about the store, their philosophy, their business model, and the personalities working in the store. He has just recently moved here from Miami and he actually got his inspiration for the show from Miami Ink on TLC. I personally feel that is a great concept and that there is so much that you can do with this show. The fact that they are right here in Montreal, a bilingual city, just opens up so many doors for what can be done.

Now he has seen the traditional models of reality shows and their impact on television. I briefly explained to him the impact that something like this would have on the internet. About how he could reach a broader audience in a shorter amount of time ad really open up the door for customer as well as fan interaction. So now I need to put together a plan that incorporates his vision along with something that is feasible given my skills and experience. So clearly I will need some help with a project of this magnitude. I have already talked to a few people that I know with experience in the industry, so I am awaiting their input before I jump in over my head.

So as you can see sometimes opportunity does more then knock. This kind of project could really put my name out there. Hopefully with a good vision and a whole lot of luck I will be able to pull this off!

Stay tuned for more on this!

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Sara said...

Hey, good deal man! I hope it turns into to something worthwhile or at least opens some other doors for you.