Friday, June 22, 2007

Internet Presence, Making Money, and Yet Another Cool Video!

In my endless quest to increase my internet presence I have added my videos to two more site! The first is a Canadian video site called It is a very simple site comprised mainly of Canadians all doing their short films and posting them online. OK, so I'm not exactly Canadian yet, but my videos are made here, so why not share them with the people who live here! You can see my videos here.

The second site that I am now sharing my videos with is called Atom Uploads. They are part of the company Atom Films which has helped quite a few people who are making short films get discovered. In fact a few of the films there are featured on Comedy Central. Another great thing that they have is some revenue sharing potential if your film gets featured. Sure it's a long shot, but aligning myself with a company like this only increases my chances of getting discovered and having the chance to make some money! Anyhow you can check out my stuff on Atom Uploads here.

There is only one thing that I don't like about these sites and the same rings true with all video sharing sites out there and that is the compression of the video to fit their players. You lose the quality of the video when you have to upload to these sites. In fact I already have to compress my newer movies down just so that they can be uploaded. Consider my latest LOUD Tour TV video. It's a huge file 443 MB. I have to compress it down to 100 MB in order to upload it to most of these video services. The quality suffers if you don't view the film as I originally intend it, particularly when you are shooting in the highest quality possible. I guess it's just growing pains and storage space, some people don't care, but I do.

So that's about it for today, I'll leave you with this really cool video called Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers. This video is genius, so be sure to watch the whole thing, even though it is nine minutes long!

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