Thursday, June 21, 2007

Video, Blog Features, and Some Other Cool Stuff!

Now that I am back in the groove here I have some interesting items of note that I would like to talk about today. I'll start with video. And not just LOUD Tour TV this time! I had to work that shameless self promotion in there sorry!

Actually I want to talk more about revenue and how to generate revenue from these videos online. Last night Christine said that I really need to start offering my videos for sale. Some of the videos are of really good quality, while some are just of average quality, but it's the ideas and vision in my videos that I should be selling to people. I do have my video's available on iTunes and through other sources and I do have the option of charging people money on either a per view basis or to charge them to own the video outright. Selling the video's like that is going to generate a minimal amount of revenue in the long run and I feel it will hurt my overall viewer ship. Plus I have made my videos available out there through a number of different services not to mention the various video feeds that my show already goes out to. You can read all about it here. Basically people aren't going to pay for what they can view for free, even if the quality is diminished.

Speaking of videos, it has become even more easy now for an amateur to get started shooting and sharing videos on the internet. I was check out this new device called Flip Video the other day. You can see a picture of this device down below.

This device allows even the most novice users the opportunity to shot video anytime, anyplace, anywhere and upload it to your computer in just a few simple steps. Now for all of you tech-types here are some quick specs. It shoots a full 30 frames per second in 640 x 480 VGA video. Files are recorded in MPEG-4 format and saved in AVI format. The device is compatible with both PC and Mac. You can buy this devices with 30 minutes of recording time or 60 minutes of recording time for less then $150. Check out the Flip Video site for more details.

I figure since all PC's come with Microsoft Movie Maker and all Mac's come with iMovie, then anyone can can make great movies and post them instantly to the internet. Cool devices and software like this is worth looking into. After that all you need is a place to store your videos online and you are all set. There are plenty of places where you can do this for free. I recommend because they offer the best quality.

And now some cool features and a cool guy that does some awesome video work himself! Regular readers may have notices a few changes to my blog recently, such as the addition of the recent comments widget on the sidebar and today I have added the Click Comments widget to each of my blog posts. I was reading my friend Maurits Blog and I saw all of these cool features and I just had to add them! For those of you that have never clicked on him in my blogroll I highly suggest that you go on over to his site and check out what he has to offer. If you guys like my videos then you will absolutely love his! Maurits is a pioneer and a visionary in the internet video age! I learned many of my tricks simply by watching his videos! If you are thinking about starting a video blog or doing cool music videos yourself, I would check his website out first!

So that's it for today, stay tuned tomorrow for more, until then...Watch My Videos!


Maurits said...

Pretty and cool, I see it's all working,
Great, just grear

Shawn C. said...

I was trying to add the comment widget the hard way by entering the code myself. I finally gave up! The click comments feature is really awesome! I like it a lot!