Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My round of golf and a weekend wrap up!

Yesterday I played my best nine holes of golf ever! I was actually able to hit all of the shots I wanted to when I needed them. In fact I only mis hit about three shots the whole day, and two of those were on the first hole (go figure!) I was six over after nine holes. That is better then bogey golf and my goal is to just be able to go out and play bogey golf! I had at least three good chances for birdie, but each of my birdie puts came up a few inches short. I don't know ho a ball stops when it is rolling downhill, but each of my birdie chances managed to do just that. I almost chipped in for birdie out of the sand as well but the ball pulled a similar trick while rolling downhill and stopped inches from the cup.

The round however was equally satisfying as it was antagonizing and that is what brings us back to this game. I laid up on every par 5 yesterday (there were four of them) and that is how I got all of my looks at birdie. For you amateur golfers out there, this is important. Don't go for the green in two if there is nothing but trouble in front of you. This is only going to raise your score unless you get a luck bounce or hop or don't mis hit your shot. I laid up every time to about 75-100 yards away and put my approach shot on the green. I really like the way I have been playing this year. The improvement has been steady and I am finally seeing results! I hope that it only gets better now that I have more time to play.

So on to my weekend review. It was a very solid weekend for Brigs. We had last weekend off and you wouldn't know it based on the way that we rehearsed and improved in all areas of the program. The only bit of rust that we had was really in the brass warm up because people had taken time off their horns. Once we got over that hurdle we played great in music ensemble and that improvement carried itself over into the show. The show was much stronger in many areas then it has been all season, and finally some of the judges took notice and rewarded us with very good numbers. With two weeks left to go in the season we have a tremendous opportunity to get this corps back up into the upper echelon of DCA. Sunday rehearsal was also very good and we got a lot of things accomplished despite the attendance. Many of our younger members have college commitments and had to meet those. I don't understand why colleges make people come in so early and makes them go through all of those boring orientation classes and seminars. I guess ti is a way of getting students there sooner and having them pay for the extra week in the dorms and the extra food. Like all things in life it's a revenue generator! Money does make the world go round...

But I digress...The long and short of it is, we finally have a really good thing going and it will be good times at DCA this year! But also on a drum corps note in this little community called DCP. If you are involved in a DCA corps, this community is really a joke. It's full of current members or ex members of DCA corps doing nothing but pissing, moaning and complaining. Now the real problem that I have with this is that you have to be "politically correct" with all of your entries or responses or people will really jump on you. And heaven forbid if you jump on someone's favorite corps and say anything negatively about them. For a community of adults we all sure act like children. This is why when I do read what is written there all I can see are the words, "blah blah blah blah blah."

But enough drum corps and golf out of me! The next two weeks I will be limited on updates. Christine is on vacation and we will be doing a lot of traveling for drum corps since the last regular season show is the farthest away for us and since DCA has that extra rehearsal day we need to leave a day earlier. Basically I won't be around as much, and when I am around it is going to be more relaxing and less posting. So stay tuned for a small update or two until after Labor Day! Until then, stay out of trouble and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

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