Friday, August 17, 2007

Is it really Friday already?

Somehow another week managed to fly right by and I barely noticed it! Maybe it is because I have been busy with so many other things. You for a guy who doesn't have a job right now I have managed to keep myself at least somewhat busy!

I guess being busy now requires creative energy to do the things that I want to do instead of doing the things that I had to do. I mean all of those years going in and out of work to collect a paycheck can really add up on you, and one day you will wake up and wonder where your life went. Well you spent nearly 25% of it working and 30% of it sleeping. So that leaves you 45% of which 10% you spent getting ready for or commuting to and from work of which 5% was being stuck in traffic in traffic! We're running out of time here folks!

All of which brings me to today. I know it's not possible for me to work, and trust me I miss the paychecks, but it's a different feeling when you actually get something accomplished. The things that I am doing when normal people are working are things that I want to do and that I am interested in doing. This is why I am working so hard on so many different projects right now, in hopes that some day it might actually put a little coin in my pocket!

Speaking of video projects in addition the the SPC Productions Blog you can find all kinds of neat new places to find me online! I have spent this week increasing my web presence to try and get my work out there so that more people will notice it and I can break into the world of Mainstream Media! One of the first thigns that I did was to create a Facebook Group For LOUD Tour TV. I actually put this together before I put the new blog together, I just never made a formal announcement! I also added accounts on The Podshow and on

And now here is what I am most excited about for this week. Actually I spent the bulk of my entire day on this yesterday, but for doing so it will pay dividends to me in the future. How about that, 4 hours of work for something that is going to increase popularity, traffic , and web presence! It sure beats working 8 for that lousy paycheck! Anyhow, The Best of LOUD Tour TV is now streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (366 on leap years!) Check it out!

Last thing for today and I am done! Drum corps season is drawing to a close and honestly I can't wait. I still love the thrill of performing and the intensity of practice, but these days a lot of the fun is disappearing for me. To me excellence and maxing out performance each and every time is what makes it fun. It's sad to say that there aren't that many people out there with these common goals anymore. People may speak of these goals, but rarely does the entire group put forth the effort anymore. I guess it is because I am a hypercompetitive person. I always strive to be the best and that is what put me at the top of my game. I have become the consummate professional in many ways. To me now it's all about the gig. The gig starts when I wake up and ends when I go to sleep.

Perhaps this is why I am experiencing more fun and success in life in other areas. This is how I focus myself and focus my energy...It's like I have been saying over and over again, "Consistency of Approach!"

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