Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spinning Wheels...

Well I am finally back in action after a long hiatus from posting. Much of it was due to the holidays, some of it was due to lack of motivation. Anyhow here is a recap of what went on in these past weeks.

During the holidays I went home to take care of a number of things. I went to get my passport taken care of, to work for a week to make some extra cash, and to pick up some things from a friends house that had been left there for over a year. To say that things didn't play out according to plan would be a huge understatement.

pockets to create the most The passport issue became a total bust when I went to the office to file all of my paperwork and then found out that I could not get my travel documents back in time to come back up here. They mail the documents back with the passport. I have no idea why the system is that screwed up and backwards. They require passports for international travel, but are so backed up that the wait for a passport is several months, that is unless you are willing to pay extra money in order to move your request to the front of the line and even then there are no guarantees. In Canada they get their passport in 10 days. The US needs to get it's act together. On a side note I did get a chuckle out of the form that informed you of the paperwork reduction act. If you really want to reduce paperwork, just reduce it! Do not include a form to tell me all of the reasons why you are reducing paperwork. Yes they created paperwork to tell us how they have eliminated paperwork. The sad thing is, your tax dollars went into someonesridiculous piece of paperwork ever dreamed up! There's not enough money to reform the health care system or to improve the educational system, but there is money to make forms like this?

The work thing was a bust from the beginning. The place where I was going to work didn't have the money to pay me (or so the owner said.) I was in this place on multiple occasions and they made more then enough money to hire extra help (as promised before I came down.) I tried to help out here and there just to show my willingness to work, but that didn't even pan out. Not so much as a free meal or anything. So another bust for me over the holidays.

I was able to at least retrieve a bunch of my stuff from a friends house, however there was quite a bit missing. He decided what he would hold on to and what got thrown out. As a result I am missing a bunch of valuables (not monetary but sentimental) of mine. I am also missing some clothing like my suit pants and a bunch of my ties. I was able to get back my cd's and dvd's as well as my golf clubs and a few other important items. I just wish that I would have had the chance to decide what stayed and what got tossed.

Well enough negative news, I'll be back with a post tomorrow about the good stuff.

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