Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Week Later..

I have found out that I am not that bad at skating! Of course I can't brake very good yet or skate backwards at all, but I can go forwards and also turn very well. I fact I can turn three different ways. I can turn using the edges, using the cross over or turn very sharp by digging the back of my blade into the ice and leaning sharply into the turn. Not bad for having never skated on ice before in my life. Once I get braking and skating backward down then I should be ready to play hockey! Of course that requires a whole new skill set that I will have to learn as well, but those skills will come fast once I have my feet under me!

Skating Practice

I am also heading back to the US for a week to get a passport and to pick up some of my stuff that I left behind. I really miss my CD's and DVD's! There are also the winter clothes that I could really use up here as well. It will be nice to get some of my stuff from home! So 13 hours on a train and then 2 by car, but in the end it will be worth it!

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